Online personal training includes a phone or video call consultation, a four-week workout plan (three workouts per week), and a follow-up call each week.


During the consultation, we will discuss your relevant medical history, your fitness experience, and your goals. I will then ask you to send me a video of you performing a simple assessment movement. Based on the consultation and your assessment video, I will design a workout plan to help you achieve your goals. I can design gym or in-home workouts.


Your workout will be shared online. Each exercise will be accompanied by a demonstration video. I will also provide notes about exercise form and progression. For at least one workout, I will ask you to film yourself performing the exercises so I can provide feedback on your form.


During our weekly follow-up calls, we will discuss your workouts, go over exercise feedback, and discuss any questions or concerns you have.

1 Month of Online Personal Training

  • Package includes:


    • Phone or video call consultation
    • Four weeks of workouts (three workouts per week)
    • Four weekly follow-up phone or video calls
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